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I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends. These friends are listed in no particular order, so please don't be upset if you're not listed are all important friends to me, and I'd put every one of you first if it were up to me! If you're my friend and you aren't listed in this page, please E-mail me and I'll be sure to add you as quickly as I can.

Here are some of the nicest people on earth! Please take a moment to read about them.

Master Mechanic's Homepage
The first friend I ever had on the net, MM started this homepage for me. I'll never forget you MM! We've been through thick and thin together, you're like a brother to me! *Hugs* I Love you, Man!!
Waiting's Wonderland
Waiting's one of my best friends on the net. She's always there for me, whether it's to chat, give advice, cheer me up, or whatever...there's no one kinder, sweeter or friendlier around...*Hugs*
Welcome to Jayhawk's Homepage
Jayhawk is Waiting's husband, and has the same kind, gentle personality. He's a good friend who is always ready to chat, lend an ear, or help in any way he can. Thanks Jayhawk,,you're very cool!! *S*
Welcome to "Stratman's"
Stratman's a really cool guy. His first love is his Stratocaster guitar...I love talking to him about music and admire him for his talent. Stratman did the music for this page....great isn't it?
tabco is a great friend! He's a brilliant scientist, a great conversationalist, and is full of energy and ideas...I just can't keep up with him...what more can I say,,I love the guy like a brother!
Diverman is a good friend..a rescue diver, can't get much better than that, eh? Anyway, diverman, you're great and I love ya!
dbogeyman's Golf Realm
Wow, talk about a southern gentleman! db is a one of the nicest people you'll ever meet on the internet. He's a super, wonderful guy, ummmm....I can't think of anything else nice enough to describe him! :)
hippie chick
hippie chick is a fairly new friend...she's great! We've gotten to know each other pretty well the last few months. She's really a GROOOOOOVY chick!
Panthera Tigris
PT is a feline handler at the Denver Zoo. He loves his animals and is a great guy to have as a friend. His interests vary from Pool to cooking. You never know what you'll learn from him next!
Rocky-Pilot's Hangar
Rocky's a friend I met through a local search in Powwow..the more I get to know him, the better I like him. He's been a big help to me with my homepage and in other "stuff", you're a great guy!
flashback, who is hippie chick's husband, is a very nice guy. He's also got a really cool new business...check out his link! It's always a pleasure to talk to flash when he can get the puter away from hippie chick) *G*
justanordinaryguyofaveragemeans aka Topsnoop
This man is wonderful! Unassuming, always ready to lend an ear, and so much fun to chat with, he's become a great friend to ya man!
Kongen's Domain
This wonderful Norwegian guy's a blast to chat with! He doesn't fool me at all, I know he's much deeper than he lets on. He's a world traveler who speaks many languages...a great guy! *Hug*
Denis is a good Canadaian friend I met on's always wonderful talking to him. He's full of fun and enthusiasm, and I love chatting with him whenever I get to! *Hugs* to you Denis!
benjamor's a really nice guy and cyber brother, concerned about his country and what's happening there. It's really sad to see what can happen to a country. We don't know how fortunate we are! Check out his homepage for a dose of reality.
hhw...what can I say about you, woman? You're a great friend, a wonderful woman, and I'm proud you're my sister in cyberland *S*....I love you like a sister!
Locomotive Breath
A new friend I met at a chat fest. He's a truly great guy, friendly, and a Harley rider...need I say more?? :)
Welcome to Joe's Place
Joe's like my brother...he teases me almost as much as a real one...but such a nice man. Good luck and happy life bro! *big hugs* :)
A wonderful guy from Nova Scotia, Sheldon is fascinated by all the net has to offer...we spend endless hours chatting away in Powwow discussing everything we can think of and listening to great music.
Northern Angel
NA is the love of Master Mechanic's life. They met online, and now they're married.....go figure! It could happen to you! *S*
What a great guy! Always sending me jokes, we trade funny stories, and chat in Powwow. Waltr's usually seen with a harem of lovely ladies *S* You GO GUY!
Snakeskin Boots & Lil
Snakeskin and his wife Lil are really great people. There's none better in the entire state of Texas! Snake's a wonderful friend who's always willing to lend an ear and a hug to everyone *S*
RR aka Infodude
A really nice man I met last year, he's impressed me with his wisdom and charm. Always ready for a good conversation, I love chatting with him and sometimes go looking for him.
This lady is truly a beautiful person. She's always around when you need her, always willing to chat, always friendly, and a very popular friend in the Chathouse.