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Welcome to a Chelsea Morning

Hi, my name is Debbie, known to my fellow chatters as Chelsea.

I can usually be found in ICQ or Chatropolis in the Over 40's room, the Baby Boomers room, or the Nifty Fifies room. (Ok, so I'm not 50 yet, I just like the people there. It's nice to talk to someone from my own generation *S*

I've been married for 21 years and have three teenagers; Chrissy, Courtney and Joey. If you click on their name, you'll see their picture and a brief bio on them.

When I'm not chatting, I'm working. I'm a Proposal Coordinator for a large Information Technology company. The job is challenging and keeps me away from home for long hours, but I really enjoy it. I suppose I appreciate my career more than most people because it's never been "just a job" to me. I stayed home raising the children and being a domestic goddess for 17 years, so when I found this position I was very excited to start a whole new phase of my life and begin my "second career." It's been fun testing my stamina, stretching my brain cells and finding new interests as my family gains their own independence. I feel like I've been blessed with the best of both worlds; my husband's job has allowed me to stay home and be there for him and the children and now I'm able to have a satisfying and interesting job...Role reversal is great! Thank you Joe *big kiss*

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Thanks for taking the time to peek into my life. I hope you'll sign the guestbook befor you leave so I'll know you were here.

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